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Need help finding a job or internship?  GiftedHire can help!

Remember that employers don’t want you to fail. Hiring people is hard work, and they want to find the right person as fast as possible.

It can seem like they’re against you when you’re going through rigorous job or internship selection processes, but employers really just want to make sure you’re up to the task.

We can teach you how to prove you are!

A desirable candidate is one who is prepared and confident they’re on the right path – this is exactly what Launch will do for you.

In addition to the opportunities your contacts made via GiftedHire will bring you through the course of your career, the GiftedHire team will always be drawing employers your way and notifying you of unique new opportunities in our network. You can also use the GiftedHire job search tool to find, apply for, or save the best current job and internship opportunities, filtered to your needs.

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