Career Exploration

Define your career path with GiftedHire.

Even if you think you know what you want to do, how confident are you that it will work out? Do you have a Plan B if your plans change or fall through?

Certain careers may take the public spotlight, but they all have lesser known alternatives that are just as rewarding, meaningful, interesting, and possibly with better prospects for employment.

Start in Launch to explore all the paths your professional story can go down. The first unit – “What will your career path be?” – will help you turn vague aspirations into real, specific career goals. When you’ve settled on a few top choices, you can start exploring ways to move forward in that direction using the GiftedMethod.

  1. Save professions and industries to your profile to receive updates, information, and opportunities relevant to your career.
  2. Learn more about the careers you know – and discover ones you don’t – based on your interests and personality.
  3. Become an informed and desirable entry-level candidate in your field.

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